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Victor Crescent Construction is a full-service Construction Company based in KwaZulu-Natal . From initial design to the final product, our results speak for themselves. With operations running since 1997 and a team of professionals who prioritize top quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.



Victor Crescent Construction is committed to the support of National imperatives such as sustainable development, poverty alleviation and job creation. Accordingly it strives not only to create and support the creation of new jobs, but to sustain existing ones. Victor Crescent Construction believes that it imperative to plough back to the communities that have supported their growth over the years. The institution believes that the community represents the present and future client base of the company, its business associates and network partners. The company has therefore embarked on a series of programs to aid the community development and socio-economic upli ment. Notable amoung these include bursaries and housing.


Road Construction, Maintenance & Repairs
Construction has created a need for a specialised focus on asphalting services. Our extensive technical knowledge, critical resources and specialised skills to provide engineering services in road and bridge construction. Victor Crescent Construction (Pty)Ltd provides road surfacing services to several municipalities, provincial governments and civil contractors. We also offer road rehabilitation including the reconstruction and repairs of damaged surfaces. With extensive industry knowledge from years of experience, we boast a highly qualified team with a passion for the industry.

Civil Engineering and Construction
•     Road Construction
•     Road Maintenance
•     Road Repairs
•     Re-graveling
•     Surfacing
•     Sealing
•     Bridges
•     Dams

General Building & Renovations
At Victor Crescent Construction (Pty)Ltd we offer many services and as an addition to the construction division we also offer professional renovation services. With knowledge and experience in the industry, we boast a highly qualified team with a passion for the industry. We pride ourselves in our exceptional standard of workmanship and construction quality.

General Building
•     Commercial developments
•     Retail Developments
•     Industrial Developments
•     Residential Developments
•     Renovations
•     RDP Houses
•     Hubs

Fencing Construction
Victor Crescent Construction (Pty)Ltd has the technical expertise to manage projects involving the installation of perimeter fencing, construction and civils. The company has completed many projects  in fencing successfully throughout the country. We strive for excellence, quality, safety and reliability.

•     Stockade fencing
•     Concrete fencing
•     Palisade fencing
•     Chain-link fencing
•     Picket fencing
•     Post and rail fencing
•     Vinyl fencing
•     Wire fencing
•     Wall fencing
Water & Sewer Reticulation
We also provide installations, maintenance and servicing  of bulk water supply system and sewer reticulation.

•     Bulk water supply
•     Sewer Reticulation
•     Sewerage
•     Infrastructure services
•     De-watering and water purification
•     Water pipelines
Oil, gas and petrochemical,
water and wastewater,
storm water and fire protection systems


Occupational Health & Safety
•    Safety Plan Specifications
•    Stipulated Safety Policy & Procedures
•    Risk Assessments
•    Legal Safety Compliance
•    Safety Auditing


Victor Crescent Training Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation that provides skills development and training programs delivered by a powerful team of passionate, dedicated, qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers. We are committed to deliver a comprehensive suite of training offerings and modalities to organisations and individuals. At Victor Crescent we provide our training solutions to meet your business challenges by delivering more than just training with new innovative ways to further assist in skilling and empowering your teams with the best learning experience in the industry. Victor Crescent Training Boasts Multi SETA Accreditations. The scope our training includes among others:
•    Project Management
•    Corporate Governance
•    Finance and Administration
•    Marketing Management
•    Information Technology
•    New Venture Creation
•    Adult Education and Training
•    Early Childhood Development
•    Welding

Victor Crescent Construction’ highly motivated employees share our core values of Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity.

They are truly the nation of our strength and the architects of our future. We strive to hire individuals who are creative and driven to innovate.

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